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The Texas A&M Mechanical Engineering department's research encompasses a wealth of mechanical engineering disciplines. The department houses both the state-of-the-art turbomachinery and energy systems laboratories. Active research efforts within the department are in the areas of polymers, crystalline materials, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, energy systems, combustion, mechanics, turbomachinery, and systems and controls. Federal, state, and industrial sources support the department's research. Federal funding sources include NSF, DOE, NASA , US NRC, EPA, ONR , US Army, and AFOSR. Various industries sponsor our research through turbomachinery and polymers consortiums.

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Industrial Assessment Center

Director: Dr. Bryan Rasmussen

The Texas A&M IAC is one of 24 centers funded by U.S. Department of Energy to conduct free assessments for mid-sized industries. A team of professional staff and trained students conduct assessments to identify potential cost savings from:

  • energy efficiency improvements
  • waste minimization and pollution prevention
  • productivity improvement

The teams of staff and students visit the facility for a single day and compile a report of potential cost-saving measures for the facility. These assessments have helped mid-sized industries stay competitive through reduction of costs. The IAC at Texas A&M University has completed over 650 assessments in 27 years of service to the community.

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Research Clusters

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University currently has 54 faculty members whose expertise contribute greatly to the depth and breath of the research being conducted in the department. A clustering of their different research areas can be found below.

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Shared Services Facilities

Director: Dr. Haejune Kim

The shared services facilities are available to mechanical engineering faculty and students. Please go to the following link to find more information.

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