A group of graduate students performing a field test

Ocean Engineering Research

Ocean engineering connects the world - bringing together a multidisciplinary and diverse group of researchers to help solve global issues. As such, the expert faculty in the Department of Ocean Engineering pursue an active research program in the areas of coastal and ocean engineering.

Areas of Research

Dredging is the removal of accumulated sediments from our waterways. Dredging requires constant research to improve methods, precision and efficiencies. There is also greater focus on beneficial reuse of dredged material and facilitating nature-based restoration.

Bridging mechanical and marine engineering, this field of study focuses on the development of structures in ocean environments - from the very materials that make them up to the implementation of emerging technology.

Be it coastal preservation or natural disaster recovery, before researchers can intervene in nature, they must first understand it. This area of study brings together engineering and nature to apply the advantages of each.

This emerging area of study combines computer science and robotics with ocean engineering to investigate how technology can explore ocean depths, repair offshore structures and more.

Naval architecture is the science of designing floating structures, ranging from jet skis to Navy ships to aquaculture farms.

Ocean renewable energy includes wave, wind and tidal. More and more, people are relying on the oceans as a means of sustainability and our researchers are at the forefront of that movement.

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