• Associate Professor, Petroleum Engineering
  • Aghorn Energy Career Development Professor
Hadi Nasrabadi

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, Imperial College London - 2006
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology - 2002

Research Interests

    • Compositional modeling of multiphase/multicomponent fluid flow in porous media
    • Enhanced oil recovery and sequestration
    • Phase behavior of reservoir fluids
    • Modeling asphaltene precipitation in porous media
    • Shale gas and oil recovery

Awards & Honors

  • Karen and Larry A. Cress '76 Excellence in Teaching Faculty Award, Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering - 2019

Selected Publications

  • Luo, S., Lutkenhaus, J.L. and Nasrabadi, H. 2019. A Novel Pore-Size-Dependent Equation of State for Modeling Fluid Phase Behavior in Nanopores. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 498:72-85.
  • Bi, R. and Nasrabadi, H. 2019. Molecular simulation of the constant composition expansion experiment in shale multi-scale system. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 495:59-68.
  • Yang, Q., Jin, B., Banerjee, D. and Nasrabadi, H. 2019. Direct Measurement and Molecular Simulation of Confinement Effect on n-Butane Dewpoint Pressure in Sub-10 nm Capillaries. Fuel 235:1216-1223.
  • Luo, S., Lutkenhaus, J.L. and Nasrabadi, H. 2019. Experimental Study of Pore Size Distribution Effect on Phase Transitions of Hydrocarbons in Nanoporous Media. Fluid Phase Equilibira 487:8-15.
  • Luo, S., Lutkenhaus, J.L. and Nasrabadi, H. 2018. Multi-Scale Fluid Phase Behavior Simulation in Shale Reservoirs by a Pore-Size-Dependent Equation of State. SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering 21(4):806-820.