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Contact our advisors for the current list of courses approved by our department for use as technical electives in our Bachelor of Science degree.

Student Responsibility

Please note that it is your responsibility, as the student, to get approval for all your technical elective courses and any prerequisites needed from:

  • the instructor of the course and
  • the department where the course is taught

If you decide to take a PETE 600-level course, you must also get approval from your petroleum engineering undergraduate advisor.

Criteria for Courses

Any non-petroleum courses on the list, either within or outside the College of Engineering, should satisfy this set of criteria:

  1. Course has a discipline-specific prerequisite
  2. Course requires advanced math skills (i.e., Math 251)
  3. Course content uses formal analytical methods and requires quantitative coursework
  4. Course material provides a deep understanding in a specific technical discipline