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Below is the list of courses approved by the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering for use as technical electives in their Bachelor of Science degree.

Student Responsibility

Please note that it is your responsibility, as the student, to get approval for all your technical elective courses and any prerequisites needed from:

  • the instructor of the course and
  • the department where the course is taught

If you decide to take a PETE 600-level course, you must also get approval from your petroleum engineering undergraduate advisor.

Criteria for Courses

The non-petroleum courses listed, either within or outside the College of Engineering, should satisfy this set of criteria:

  1. Course has a discipline-specific prerequisite
  2. Course requires advanced math skills (i.e., Math 251)
  3. Course content uses formal analytical methods and requires quantitative coursework
  4. Course material provides a deep understanding in a specific technical discipline

Approved Courses

AERO 404 - Mechanics of Advanced Aerospace Structures

BAEN 460 - Principles of Environmental Hydrology

BAEN 465 Design of Biological Waste Treatment Systems

CHEN 430 Risk Analysis in Safety Engineering

CHEN 455 Process Safety Engineering

CHEN 459 Gas and Petroleum Processing

CHEN 461 Process Dynamics and Control

CSCE 442 Scientific Programming

CVEN 301 Environmental Engineering

CVEN 339 Water Resources Engineering

CVEN 402 Engineered Environmental Systems

CVEN 406 Environmental Protection and Public Health

CVEN 413 Natural Environmental Systems

CVEN 423 Geomatics for Civil Engineering

ECEN 215 Principles in Electrical Engineering

ECEN 314 Signals and Systems

ECEN 322 Electric and Magnetic Fields

ECEN 420 Linear Control Systems

ECEN 444 Digital Signal Processing

ECEN 447 Digital Image Processing

ECON 435 Economics of Resource Scarcity

ENGR 333 Project Management for Engineers

ENGR 410 Global Engineering Design

ENGR 430 Fundamentals of Subsea Engineering

ESSM 305 Watershed Analysis and Planning

FINC 351 Investment Analysis

FINC 361 Managerial Finance I

FINC 427 Titans of Investing

GEOL 306 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

GEOL 312 Structural Geology and Tectonics

GEOL 410 Hydrogeology

GEOP 421 Petroleum Seismology I

GEOS 470 Data Analysis Methods in Geosciences

ISEN 315 Production Systems Planning

ISEN 420 Operations Research I

MATH 304 Linear Algebra

MATH 311 Topics in Applied Mathematics I

MATH 4XX (except MATH 403, MATH 417, MATH 485 and ones not allowed in a Math minor)

MEEN 368 Solid Mechanics in Mechanical Design

MSEN 300- and 400-level courses approved for a Materials Science & Engineering minor

PETE 406 High Performance Drilling Design and Operational Practices

PETE 416 Solving Common Production Engineering Problems

PETE 4XX courses including up to 3 credit hours of PETE 485 or 491 but excluding courses meeting degree requirements

PETE 6XX courses must be approved by a petroleum undergraduate advisor