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A total of 17 credit hours listed as Core Courses will constitute a minor in petroleum engineering.  A grade of "C" or better is required for any course to be used for the minor.

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Entrance Requirements

A minimum GPR of 3.00 with at least 30 hours of Texas A&M University resident credit is required to enter the minor.

Prerequisite Course Work

One course in each of the engineering science categories listed below (or an approved equivalent) is required to enroll in PETE 325 and complete the minor (each course completed with grade of "C" or better). 

  • Physics: PHYS 208
  • Mathematics: MATH 308
  • Engineering Mechanics: CVEN 221, MEEN 221, or AERO 211
  • Engineering Thermodynamics: MEEN 315, CHEN 205, or AERO 212
  • Mechanics of Materials/Properties of Materials: CVEN 305, CVEN 306, MEEN 222, CHEN 313, or AERO 213
  • Fluid Mechanics/Continuum Mechanics: CVEN 311, PETE 314, MEEN 344, CHEN 304, or AERO 214