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Spring 2023 course code: ENGR 291-505, ENGR 291H-502, ENGR 491-505, and ENGR 491H-209
(HR) denotes Honors.

What is the overall goal of your project?
Advanced vapor compression desalination has the efficiency of reverse osmosis and the robustness of multi-stage flash. In the future, advanced vapor compression desalination has the potential to become the dominant method for desalinating seawater. Minerals can be captured from the waste brine, which greatly improves economics and also reduces environmental impact. Check out the faculty's website.

Which grand challenge are you addressing?

This program addresses the grand challenges of:

  • Supplying fresh water to a growing population.
  • Economically produce freshwater from seawater.

What is the impact on society your project has?
Water is essential to life and industry. Every day, Texas adds about 1,200 people to its population, which increases stress on water sources. This project, if successful, will present a strategy for supplying society with additional sources of desalinated water.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Mark Holtzapple

Engineering majors targeted: All majors.