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Spring 2023 course code: ENGR 291-506, ENGR 291H-201, ENGR 491-509 and ENGR 491H-203
(HR) denotes Honors.

What is the overall goal of your project?

The students in this project will create intelligent systems to harness community-scale big data (such as population movements and social media activities) and leverage data science and machine learning technologies to help communities better prepare and respond to natural disasters. Check out the faculty's website.

Which grand challenge are you addressing?
This project addresses the grand challenge related to “restoring and improving urban infrastructure,” as identified by the National Academy of Engineering. The objective of this project is to design and prototype information systems and applications to enable data analytics and decision-making for disaster response actions and urban infrastructure systems.

What is the key challenge your project is trying to solve?
The first key challenge is data-mining crowdsourced platforms and news websites to map useful components about the disaster situations and needs. The second key challenge of this project is using data analytics to understand the dynamics of human behaviors and the interactions of humans with infrastructure disruptions in disasters.

What is the impact on society your project has?
The outcomes of this project will enable communities to be smarter in responding to ever-growing disasters. Also, the project outcomes will provide knowledge and information for decision-makers and residents to make smart and data-driven decisions to build resilience capacity in response to disasters.

Faculty mentors: Dr. Ali Mostafavi

Engineering majors targeted: Computer science and engineering, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, industrial and systems engineering