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Spring 2023 course code: ENGR 491-526 and ENGR 491H-202
(HR) denotes Honors.

What is the overall goal of your project?
The private space industry is leading the explosive growth of aerospace engineering everywhere in the nation — namely in the state of Texas. The basics of rocket science and engineering will be explored during this AggiE_ Challenge project with emphasis on the "Maker" mentality of amateur rocketry clubs. Solid, liquid and hybrid propellant rockets will be discussed, with a special attention on actual construction and implementation of simplified systems. Projects involve thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, aerodynamics, dynamics and controls of rockets, with application in a wide variety of systems: from the miniature solid propellant rockets used in elementary amateur devices, all the way to hybrids and liquid propellant systems relevant to Base 11 and IREC competitions targeting 30-330 thousand feet altitude launches. Check out the faculty's website.

Faculty mentors: Dr. Adonis Karpetis

Engineering majors targeted: All majors