In 2019, the Belgium Environmental Science and Engineering Program will offer two courses, Design of Biological Waste Treatment Systems (BAEN 465) and Air Pollution (BAEN 489/477), to junior and senior level undergraduate students. Both of these 3-hour classes focus on the differences in U.S. and EU methods to protect water and air quality. The long-standing Belgium Study Abroad program celebrates its 15th year in 2019. The program is always offered in the Summer II session and is a five-week program. It is located at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Leuven, Belgium. The students live in an international residence with students from many different countries. Classes are taught on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, leaving students with four day weekends (Fri – Mon) when they are free to visit other countries and experience different cultures in Europe.

Locations and Dates

  • Location: Leuven, Belgium
  • Dates: July - August, 2019
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Location Information

Leuven, Belgium

The Belgium Environmental Science & Engineering program is held at Katholieke Univeristy of Leuven, which is located approximately 30 km east of Brussells in the city of Leuven. K.U. Leuven was established in 1425 and it is now a modern, world-class university with excellent facilities. Leuven is a student-oriented city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and many cafes and restaurants. The city is compact and very conducive to travel by foot or bicycle. All students will be provided a bicycle for transportation to class and around town.