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Internships Abroad

The term "internship" applies to any type of work (paid or volunteer) opportunity that provides students with practical experience and the chance to gain exposure to an area of academic or career interest. Interning or working abroad provides students a more practical experience compared to a traditional academic one. Most international internships are unpaid. This should not deter students from participating. Consider an internship to:

  • Improve language proficiency.
  • Gain valuable work experience.
  • Have an international experience without needing many credit hours.

Research Abroad

If a traditional study abroad experience is not what you are interested in, research abroad may be a viable option. Consider research abroad if you:

  • Plan to pursue graduate school.
  • Want an edge in the competitive world of research.
  • Want a full-time research position.
  • Are independent and want hands-on experience.
  • Plan to explore careers in science, engineering, technology or math.

For a list of research internships, visit our research internship opportunities page.