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Learn about Texas A&M University's Engineering Honors Computer Science and Engineering (CSCE) Track.

To learn more about the Engineering Honors-CSCE track, please see the information section below. To schedule an honors meeting, visit the Honors Faculty page for instructions.

Before attending your honors meeting with an Engineering Honors-CSCE committee member, see the following:

  1. Please study the Engineering Honors-CSCE requirements.
  2. Fill out and submit this Honors Required Meeting Prep Form and bring either a physical or digital copy to the meeting.

For questions about this track, please contact the Engineering Honors-CSCE Committee by emailing

Track Coordinator

*Please use the email address to communicate with the Engineering Honors-CSCE track coordinator, not the one listed below*

Jennifer Welch

  • Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
  • Chevron Professor II
  • Regents Professor
Jennifer Welch