The Engineering Honors program gives students the opportunity to interact with other high achieving students and with honors faculty, creating a community of scholars that combines the benefits of a small college with the resources of a major research institution.

Engineering Honors scholars have access to honors courses that have small enrollments, promoting close interaction between the faculty and students. Students receive specialized academic advising from leading faculty, participate in undergraduate research and engage in special activities for honors students, such as lunches with faculty, seminars and networking opportunities with leaders in academia and industry.


Honors Courses

Engineering Honors Students have access to honors courses with greatly reduced class sizes allowing for discussion-based seminars or one-on-one instruction, where students are encouraged to speak, inquire, write, challenge, and do. Engineering Honors students also have the option to customize their curriculum by enrolling in Honors Independent Study or by enrolling in graduate-level courses for honors credit.

Specialized Advising

Honors students maintain close relationships with honors advisors, who help their students select beneficial courses to complete the honors track, present options for undergraduate research, and provide advice on career preparation and personal development. They also give advice and suggest preparatory resources for students who wish to apply for prestigious nationally competitive fellowship and graduate programs.

Seminars and Other Special Opportunities

Honors students are invited to seminars and other special opportunities for interacting with world leaders in engineering and business, who will discuss career options they might never have considered.

Undergraduate Research

An important component of the Engineering Honors program is an undergraduate research experience in which students engage in one-on-one research with our honors faculty and are integrated into their research groups. These experiences prepare students for graduate studies and make them more competitive for graduate admissions and fellowships.

Priority Registration

Honors students have the opportunity to register two days prior to the start of the ordinary pre-registration period for continuing students. Incoming freshmen have the benefit of registering for honors sections at their New Student Conferences.

Special Recognition

Students who successfully complete all program requirements will receive a designation on their transcript. They will also be given special recognition during the commencement ceremony by wearing an Engineering Honors stole and lapel pin.

Fast Track Graduate Program

The College of Engineering has a program, referred to as Fast Track, which allows students to make progress towards a graduate degree while they are still an undergraduate. Students can take certain graduate courses and receive credit for both the undergraduate and graduate versions of the course, enabling them to complete a BS and an MS in five years. Engineering Honors students can use these courses towards the needed honors credits for the honors distinction. 


Find your EH track in the table below to learn more about the requirements for your track. Contact the appropriate EH Track Coordinator if you have any questions regarding the requirements.

Please note that the General Engineering track requirements are the same as the "base" requirements for the EH program.

If you entered the program prior to Fall 2015, please see the Legacy Requirements page.