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What is Invent for the Planet?

In 2018, the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University started a unique program called Invent for the Planet (IFTP).  We helped other universities across the globe organize events for one weekend to focus on solving problems that affect us all.  For one weekend, there were no barriers, no borders, no boundaries, only students focusing on developing innovative solutions to problems we all face.

Invent for the Planet grew from 14 universities to nearly 40 by 2020. Winning projects have resulted in startup companies as they continue to work toward commercialization. Students are empowered and inspired by the intensity and collaboration when engaged with other student teams across the globe.

How it works:

Each participating university organizes a local Invent for the Planet weekend which follows our Aggies Invent format — teams are formed based on similar interests in a need statement. The teams then research the topic and come up with a plan and build a simple prototype.

On the final day, each team puts together a video and presents its prototype to a panel of judges. Three teams from each local event are selected for first, second and third place prizes.

Each university's first-place teams will have about a week to perfect their pitch before submitting a new video that will be judged remotely and narrowed down to a final set of teams.

Those teams will be invited to Aix-de-Provence, France, to pitch a more complete idea against each other, in conjunction with a meet-and-greet conference, for a chance to be named the first-place winner overall!