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Below are the most frequently asked questions on computer support issues in the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering. Remember, if you need help and don't see your question here, you can always call the Texas A&M University Computer Information Services (CIS) help desk at 979-845-8300 for 24-hour support.

How do I log in to petroleum engineering (PETE) computers?

  • Fill out a Technology and Software Access Agreement form. These can be found at our information technology (IT) helpdesk in RICH 901 during normal business hours.
  • Read the form carefully and sign it.
  • If you are an undergraduate student, have your form approved by an undergraduate advisor or Gail Krueger in RICH 501R.
  • If you are a graduate student, have your graduate advisor approve the form.
  • Copy and turn in the ORIGINAL signed form to the IT helpdesk in RICH 901.
  • Use your NetID for access and follow the rules on your form copy. 

How do I access the PETE computer labs?

No food or drink is allowed in PETE computer labs. Help us maintain departmental computer facilities by cleaning up after yourself. After all, campus is your second home.

How do I access my files when logged in to the department?

  • Once you log in, your Desktop and My Documents folders will be on your H:\ (home)
  • Your data will follow your log in from one computer to another through automatic connection to the S:\ drives (Example: professors publish class files on S:\Classes\(class), Grad students can share files with advisors or research groups on S:\Faculty_Groups\(advisor) )

How do I map a network drive on my personal computer?

If you are off-campus, start up TAMU Connect and log in with your university (TAMU) credentials. If you have trouble connecting to VPN, contact CIS Help Desk at 979-845-8300 for 24-hour support.

Reminder: You may only post school-related files on the file server (i.e., into your H:\My Documents or Desktop folders and anywhere on S:\ drive.) Any movies, music or other non-school-related files are subject to unannounced deletion.

Windows 10 computers

Open Windows Explorer. To do this right click on Start button and select File Explorer.

Select This PC on the left-hand side.

Next, select Computer at the top and then click on Map network drive.

Under the folder path type one of the following depending on your affiliation with the College of Engineering:

  • Undergrad Students: \\\ugrads\(your NetID)
  • Graduate Students: \\\grads\(your NetID)
  • Staff: \\\staff\(your NetID)
  • Faculty: \\\faculty\(your NetID)

The shares drive mappings are as follows:

  • ENGR: \\\ENGR
  • StudentShares: \\\StudentShares
  • Research: \\\Research

Select Finish.

Now you will get the Windows Security prompt. For Username enter AUTH\(your NetID) and for the Password enter your NetID password.

Select OK on the prompt. You should now have access to all of your network files.

Mac OSX computers

Select Finder, select Go, select Connect to Server (⌘K).

Depending on your affiliation with the College of Engineering, you will use one of the following paths to map your home drive:

  • Undergrad Students: smb:// NetID)
  • Graduate Students: smb:// NetID)
  • Staff: smb:// NetID)
  • Faculty: smb:// NetID)

The shares drive mappings are as follows:

  • ENGR: smb://
  • StudentShares: smb://
  • Research: smb://

Select the plus (+) symbol to add your home folder to the Favorite Servers list.

Select Registered User and type in AUTH\(your NetID) and password to log in.

Choose the box Remember this password in my keychain to store your login for the server. You should now have access to all of your network files.

How do I connect to my PETE office computer using Remote Desktop?

Before attempting to connect to your office computer, you must first know the name (Ex. PETE-######) and IP address (Ex. of the computer you are connecting to.

If you are off-campus, start up TAMU Connect and log in with your university (TAMU) credentials. If you have trouble connecting to VPN, contact CIS Help Desk at 979-845-8300 for 24-hour support.

Windows 10 computers

Select Start > All apps > Windows Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.

Enter your IP address in the Remote Desktop Connection window. (Ex.

Select Connect.

You will be prompted to enter your NetID and NetID password to login.

  • Note: Be sure to put AUTH\ in front of your NETID in the username field.
  • Note: On the Certificate Error screen, you can choose the check box next to “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer” and click Yes so you will not see this pop-up each time you remotely connect to your computer.

Mac OSX computers

Go to Applications and select Remote Desktop Connection.

  • Note: If you do not have the Remote Desktop Connection application you will need to download and install it from the app store.

Open Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Select New in the upper right-hand corner. When the screen comes up, enter:

  • Connection Name: enter the name of your office computer (Ex. PETE-######)
  • PC Name: enter the IP address of your office computer (Ex.
  • Note: Leave all other settings as default. 

Close out of the Edit Remote Desktop window by clicking the red dot in the upper left-hand corner. You should now see your computer listed.

Double click on your office computer name to connect. The screen should go black and you will get a Verify Certificate dialogue box. You will want to select Continue. 

After selecting Continue, you should be redirected to a screen that will have the Acceptable Use Policy, Select OK and you will be taken to the screen where you can enter your credentials. Make sure to enter AUTH\ in front of your username (your NetID).

How do I set up my email on my iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/Android? 

How do I access my departmental email with Microsoft Outlook?

How do I access my departmental email from home?

Many of the other issues relating to working from home can also be found on this helpful webpage.

Where do I find information about the university TAMU email account?

As a student of Texas A&M, you get a University-wide TAMU email account. This email address is set up during your new student conference and ends with this: You can check on this account through the web.

You have the option of forwarding your email to another email address.

  • Go to Gateway,
  • Select Login,
  • Authenticate with your NetID and password,
  • Select Email Settings at the top (once on the settings page, you can change your forwarding options)

Your TAMU address is supported by the Division of Information and Technology. The CIS Help Desk is accessible 24-hours a day at 979-845-8300.