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Texas A&M University scholarships

The University offers a well-rounded scholarship, loan, and student job program to both undergraduate and graduate students.

College of Engineering scholarships

Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering scholarships

Please check with our undergraduate program advisors for ALL department scholarship requirements, including due dates, academic standing and conduct parameters. Here are a few of our main requirements:

  • You are required to apply for department scholarships even if you have already received a Nelson and/or Von Gonten scholarship
  • You need a scholarship acceptance or release of information form to apply for a department scholarship (see advisors for forms)
  • You can only be awarded one petroleum engineering departmental scholarship in an academic year.
  • You are required to write a thank you letter to your donor if you receive a department scholarship.
  • You are required to attend the annual department scholarship banquet if you receive a department scholarship.

Industry-related scholarships

Check with our undergraduate program advisors for more information on industry-related scholarships.

Part-time employment

Students needing part-time employment on and off campus during the school semesters should visit the Student Financial Aid Office.