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See the Texas A&M University College of Engineering's stories from November 2023.

Ten chemical engineering master's students have received the fellowship funding to further expand their research.

The College of Engineering recently recognized outstanding engineering students with the Craig C. Brown Outstanding Senior Engineer Award and Outstanding Graduate Student Award during the annual banquet.

Jana Hughes ’93 serves as a Nebraskan legislator. However, her career didn’t start in politics. Hughes answers questions about her path through industrial and systems engineering and how she uses the skills she learned in the classroom today.

Petroleum engineering former students P. Embry Canterbury, Lance Robertson and Linhua Guan were honored to be included on the Aggie 100 list for 2023.

Two National Academy of Engineering members, Drs. Enrique Lavernia and Julie Schoenung, are the latest joint additions to Texas A&M University’s materials science and engineering and mechanical engineering departments.

Dr. D. Nathan Meehan is leading petroleum engineering research to reduce carbon emissions produced by the oil and gas industry and lay the economic, regulatory and practical groundwork for future large-scale carbon dioxide storage.

Dr. Amirali Najafi joined the Zachry Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering in August 2023. He hopes his research on hybrid simulations can help find new solutions in infrastructure resiliency.

Tommy and Susan Watts Stone ’84 have changed the world in many ways. Now, they're ready to change the life of an engineering student with their scholarship.

Three nuclear engineering students participated in internships from companies nationwide this summer, providing them with first-hand experiences and showcasing the overlap between academia and industry.

Two researchers in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University received a grant from the National Science Foundation to continue developing a grain-of-rice-sized injectable sensor and accompanying wearable device.

The Multidisciplinary Engineering Technology program is expanding its partnership with Pitsco Education to establish joint academic and outreach activities to advocate for robotics education in Texas.

Aggies Invent addressed the overlooked crisis of doctors battling increased cancer risks from radiation. Under the theme set by the 2023 Problems Worth Solving winning statement, students formed six teams at November's event to develop innovative solutions.

Marsha and Tom Ramsey ’74 established the Marsha and Tom Ramsey ’74 Civil Engineering Endowed Scholarship to help support a diligent Aggie. The Ramseys hope to impact the life of a future engineer positively.

Texas A&M University's Enrichment Experiences in Engineering (E3) program brings secondary STEM educators and engineering faculty together for a transformative three-week summer research experience.

Olivia Mills is a senior in the Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering with a passion for projects that incorporate the past with the present. She shares how she became an architectural engineering Aggie.

Texas A&M University and Missouri University jointly received a $20 million grant from the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health to develop a highly efficient bacterial therapeutic targeting cancer more specifically to make treatment safer through a single $1 dose.

Trailblazing transportation standards, Dr. Kay Fitzpatrick ’83 shares her story and the inspiration behind the Kay Fitzpatrick ’83 Endowed Scholarship in Texas A&M Engineering.

The American Nuclear Society named Dr. Jean Ragusa as chair of the Math and Computer Division for 2023.

Kenneth Do ’00 is a first-generation student and immigrant who took inspiration from his own donors to help relieve the financial burden of college.

Undergraduate electrical engineering student Sarah Flanery is exploring ways to keep education secure and verified without the need for central authorities such as institutions or government corporations.

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Home to over 30 faculty members, nationally renowned undergraduate and graduate programs and over 400 students, the department has experienced exponential growth, leading to cutting-edge research advances and opportunities for faculty and students.