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Engineering Staff Advisory Council (ESAC) has several committees that help to meet needs and your assistance is needed! Expand the list below to learn more about each committee. 

We are requesting volunteers to serve and share their knowledge and expertise to further develop the engineering program staff. Please refer to the below committee descriptions. If you would like to volunteer for one or more of the committees, email us at

ESAC End-of-Year State of the Council Report 2022-2023 Highlights 

Committee Report Highlights (alphabetical order): 

  • The Advocacy and Culture Committee launched a new Lunch with ESAC event series. The continued goal is to provide a neutral space for staff members to communicate their opinions and concerns to ESAC about their workplace culture and to escalate staff concerns to Engineering Leadership. 
  • Service and Outreach Committee conducted seven programs/events allowing staff members to give back to the community. The future goal is to provide expanded opportunities in the spring for staff members to engage with the community. 
  • Staff Appreciation, Recognition and Funding conducted four programs/events to engage with staff members. The future goal is to increase the participation of individuals from a wider variety of Engineering areas/departments. 
  • Staff Workshop was conducted on May 18, 2023, at the Memorial Student Center. The future goal is to continue developing a workshop that all staff are excited about attending and engaging with fellow staff members. 

Survey Results from ESAC Conducted Events 

  • Taco Event 
    • 100% of surveyed attendees said they would like to see this event again in the future. 
  • Scavenger Hunt 
    • 100% of surveyed attendees said they agreed with the statement, “I was given the opportunity to socialize with people outside of my team/department.” 
  • Roll n’ Bowl 
    • 100% of surveyed attendees said they enjoyed being able to get off campus for the event. 
  • Annual Staff Workshop 
    • 91% surveyed said that Workshop was Mostly or Very Beneficial  
  • Lunch with ESAC (Pilot Session) 
    • 100% said they “felt comfortable enough to express their real thoughts.” 

Future Directions 

  • First, to continue to strengthen ESAC’s marketing and communications efforts with Engineering staff. 
  • Second, to increase ESAC’s person-to-person interactions and connectivity.  
  • Third, to improve our connectivity and engagement with locations outside of the main Texas A&M College Station campus, including locations such as Galveston, RELLIS, McAllen, Fort Worth, etc. 

If you would like to view the full version of the ESAC End-of-Year State of the Council Report 2022-2023, please email