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Industry workers pointing out something to a faculty member near an oil rig.

Industry Partnerships

The Engineering Program of The Texas A&M System is known for excellence in faculty research and teaching, as well as high research productivity. Our research spans from fundamental, to more complex research developed in collaboration with industry partners.

Students come to our program with needs ranging from starting research, to learning additional skills that will help them gain mobility in their current jobs. Therefore, our programs are designed to leverage faculty expertise in fundamental and applied industry research to provide strong learning experiences for all of our students.

Learn from Faculty with High Industry Engagement

Our faculty engagement with industry gives our students an edge in learning not only theory, but also in learning applications practical to industry. Over the last five years, our faculty have worked on over 1,000 industry-related projects.

Learn from Faculty Entrepreneurs

Our faculty and students are leaders in research and industry engagement who understand the value of intellectual property, commercialization and entrepreneurship. Our faculty and students have filed for over 70 invention disclosures over the last year alone! Over the past 15 years, engineering faculty research has resulted in over 40 startup companies (16 in the last five years). These startups have raised over $160 million in private capital to become commercially successful with significant socioeconomic impact.

Value-Added Learning

Learning from our well-rounded faculty means there's a tremendous value added to your graduate degree, whether toward research or practical industry applications. Enroll now to start your application process.