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Engineer presenting a bar graph to his employees.

Increase Your Job Security

Obtaining your master's degree will not only advance your career, but also significantly improves your job security. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, master's degree earners had an unemployment rate of only 2%. Unemployment rates for people with an advanced degree were lower than all other levels of education.

Invest in yourself and build the type of security that no one can take away from you, regardless of the job market. A graduate degree will cultivate your skills and expertise, keeping you on the cutting edge and highly employable.

Opportunities for Growth

Earning a master's is a huge achievement that is evidence of persistence, discipline, determination and a high aptitude — all of which make you highly marketable to employers. This achievement provides opportunities for you to grow within your organization or outside of it.

Increase Your Salary

With a master's degree in hand, engineers make an average of almost 28% more than those with an engineering bachelor's.

Aggie Network Advantage

It's all about who you know. Your Aggie ring puts the Aggie network at your fingertips wherever you go. Use your network connections (or Aggies you don't even know) to get your foot in the door to the job you've been wanting! Also, with A&M clubs spread across the world, you'll find a community of Aggies you can connect with near you.

Since graduating with my MID degree, my salary has grown by more than 45%, and it's allowed me to separate myself from the competition.

Louis Gallo, class of 2008