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Research Faculty

Tim Davis

  • Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Tim Davis

Lawrence Rauchwerger

  • Emeritus Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Lawrence Rauchwerger

Vivek Sarin

  • Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
  • Undergraduate Advisor
Vivek Sarin

Nate Veldt

  • Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Nate Veldt

Courses Offered

CSCE 653. Computer Methods in Applied Sciences. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Classical and modern techniques for the computational solution of problems of the type that traditionally arise in the natural sciences and engineering; introductions to number representation and errors, locating roots of equations, interpolation, numerical integration, linear algebraic systems, spline approximations, initial-value problems for ordinary differential equations and finite-difference methods for partial differential equations. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 442 or MATH 417; graduate classification.

CSCE 657/PETE 657. High Performance Computing For Earth Science and Petroleum Engineering. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Numerical simulation of problems in Earth Sciences and Petroleum Engineering using high performance computing (HPC); development of a parallel reservoir simulator. 

Prerequisite: Graduate classification. 
Cross Listing: PETE 657/CSCE 657.

CSCE 659/ECEN 659. Parallel/Distributed Numerical Algorithms and Applications. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

A unified treatment of parallel and distributed numerical algorithms; parallel and distributed computation models, parallel computation of arithmetic expressions; fast algorithms for numerical linear algebra, partial differential equations and nonlinear optimization.

Prerequisite: CSCE 653MATH 304.
Cross Listing: ECEN 659/CSCE 659. 

CSCE 660/MATH 660. Computational Linear Algebra. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Techniques in matrix computation: elimination methods, matrix decomposition, generalized inverses, orthogonalization and least-squares, eigenvalue problems and singular value decomposition, iterative methods and error analysis. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 442 or equivalent or MATH 417 or equivalent. 
Cross Listing: MATH 660/CSCE 660.