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During your New Student Conference, you'll attend a group advising session where you'll go over some of the following information. We want you to have easy access to some of the important websites that you'll need as you embark on your academic career as an engineering student.

Academic Advisors

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor on our General Engineering Advising Team. Over the summer, students should email their advisor to schedule an appointment. During the regular fall and spring semesters, students can meet with advisors by setting up an appointment through the Howdy Portal or Navigate App to skip the wait, or they can take advantage of virtual walk-in advising hours.

Navigate Student App

Use the Navigate Student App to help you stay on track your first year. Available in both the Apple App and Google Play stores for free, you’ll want to take advantage of the Navigate App to stay organized.

Academic Calendar

The University-wide academic calendar contains all the important dates, including the first day of classes, holidays, and final exams.

Strategies for Success

Going into your first semester of college is a learning experience, and we have a variety of free tutoring and support services available to help you be successful. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these resources which are designed with students in mind.

Checking Your Requirements:

University Foreign Language Requirement

The University requires all students to take at least one year of a foreign language. This requirement is completed by having taken two units of the same foreign language in high school, completing one year of the same foreign language in college or completing the credit-by-examination process. If your high school offered coding as a language course, this will not meet the requirements.

Sign Up for the Right Classes

Students are expected to register for courses that follow the program of study for a degree in their college from Student Rule 1.5.1. Students who do not will have a registration hold placed as a Closet Major.

Academic Standing

To remain in good academic standing, students must maintain a semester and cumulative grade-point average higher than a 2.0 and meet college and major course of study grade-point requirements. More information is available in Student Rule 12.1.


What is a Q-drop? A Q-drop is when you decide to drop a course that you will more than likely fail. Instead of hurting your grade-point average, you drop the course. Your transcript will reflect this drop with a Q. In the state of Texas you have six Q-drops to use, but you are only allowed to use four at Texas A&M University.

The other option is Withdrawal. If you are considering dropping all your courses, this is something to consider. Courses will not have a grade posted on your transcript and instead will show a W.

The Q-drop and withdrawal deadline are both on the 60th class day each fall and spring. We recommend that you speak with an advisor when considering either option.

Claiming your AP or IB Credits

When accepting AP and IB credits, you’ll want to take time to meet with your advisor to make sure you are only accepting the courses you need. Once an AP/IB credit is accepted, it cannot be removed from your transcript.

AP and IB credits can only be accepted for math and chemistry with your advisor and will also depend on scoring.

A Look at Your Schedule:

University Core Curriculum

In compliance with Texas Core Curriculum, students are required to take core classes that prepare them with foundation of knowledge around a variety of topics.

First-Year Experience Course

Hullabaloo U first-year experience courses are designed to assist students with their transition and integration into the College of Engineering. It is an expectation that students register for a Hullabaloo U section.

Math Placement Exam (MPE)

The MPE determines which math course you take during your first semester. There are several ways to make sure that you get into the right math course, including taking a short review course or retaking the MPE in the fall. Learn more to be prepared to get into the math class that's best for you.

Sample Schedules

For College Station, Galveston, and McAllen students: Depending on your score on the MPE, your schedule will look a little different. Students scoring a 0-21 on the MPE will use schedule A, and students scoring a 22-33 on the MPE will use schedule B.

Entry to a Major (ETAM)

Once you meet the ETAM requirements — typically after your second semester at Texas A&M University — you can apply to a major. Students who earn a cumulative GPA higher than a 3.75 will automatically be admitted to their first-choice major. Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher will undergo the holistic application review process, and be placed in one of their top three majors.