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The Texas A&M University College of Engineering has partnered with the Academic Success Center (ASC) and the Math Learning Center to provide academic support services such as peer tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI). These services enhance student learning and success in math, chemistry, physics and engineering courses. Students working toward an A or B average in their coursework should consider regularly using these academic support services.

Peer Tutoring

For help with chemistry, physics and engineering courses

Peer tutors are undergraduate students hired by the ASC to help engineering students with their physics, chemistry and engineering courses. Peer tutors are available by appointment to meet online, in Evans Library (1st Floor), and in the Leach Learning Resource Center (ZACH 282M and 282P). Assistance is available in two formats: 1-on-1 tutoring sessions and small group tutoring sessions. For instructions on how to reserve your tutoring appointment in Navigate, visit the ASC’s Tutoring website. If you choose not to reserve a tutoring appointment, drop-in tutoring is available in Evans Library (1st Floor, Whitley Suite), Monday through Thursday from 1-7 p.m.

Tutoring by Appointment

Location: Leach Learning Resource Center (ZACH 282M and 282P); Evans Library (1st Floor); additionally, select services are offered online via Zoom
Monday - Thursday, January 22 through April 30
Time: By appointment between 1-9 p.m.; refer to ASC's Tutoring website for instructions on how to book your appointment in Navigate.

Drop-In Tutoring

Location: Evans Library (1st Floor, Whitley Suite)
Days: Monday - Thursday, January 22 through April 4
Time: 1-7 p.m.

Supplemental Instruction

For help with chemistry, physics and engineering courses

Supplemental Instruction is a peer-led, academic assistance program hosted by the ASC that is designed to improve student academic performance and increase retention. SI offers three, free 50-minute regularly scheduled sessions per week for lower-level undergraduate courses. These sessions include collaborative learning methods and are facilitated by undergraduate SI leaders who have taken and mastered the course. We offer multiple SI sessions for ENGR 102, PHYS and CHEM in the Zachry Engineering Education Complex (ZACH), Sunday through Thursday between 6:30-9:30 p.m. in ZACH 311, 312, 342, 345 and 361. Find an SI session here. For more information on SI, meeting times, or course availability, check out the ASC's searchable Find an SI Session database

Location: ZACH 311, 312, 342, 345 and 361; additionally, select services are offered online via Zoom
Days: Sunday - Thursday, January 21 through April 30
Time: Varies; for details, refer to Find an SI

Peer Teacher Office Hours for ENGR 102, 216 and 217

Hosted by the College of Engineering freshman engineering program

Receive help for ENGR 102, 216 and 217 from instructors and peer teachers in the Zachry Engineering Education Complex (ZACH 420), Monday through Friday. To get assistance, check-in with a Peer Teacher in ZACH 420. Select Peer Teachers also provide access to their office hours via Zoom. For more information on the office hour schedule, visit the course site in Canvas.

Location: Zachry Engineering Education Complex (ZACH) 420; additionally, select office hours are offered online via Zoom
Monday through Friday
Time: Varies; for details, visit your multi-section site in Canvas

Math Help Sessions and Week-In-Review Sessions

Hosted by the Math Learning Center

A student's success in their first math course at Texas A&M is strongly correlated with success in engineering. To foster a solid math foundation and enhance student learning, the Math Learning Center (MLC) offers Help Sessions and Week in Review sessions. Services are offered online and in-person.

  • MLC Help Sessions are drop-in tutoring sessions taught by undergraduate peer tutors offered online via Zoom and in-person in the Blocker building (BLOC).
  • MLC Week-In-Review sessions are taught by faculty who revisit material covered in the corresponding course during the prior week. Sessions are offered online in a synchronous (LIVE) format. Select sections, marked as DUAL, offer synchronous live in-person and remote options. 

These sessions are held Monday through Thursday. For more information on meeting times and locations, visit the Math Help Sessions and the Week in Review websites.

Math Tutoring by Appointment

Hosted by the Math Learning Center

The MLC offers free math tutoring by appointment to help undergraduate students improve their math skills. The MLC also offers the Virtual Math Learning Center (VMLC) - an online resource with high-quality study guides, handouts, and video libraries for Math 150, 151, 152, 251, 304, and 308. Visit the MLC website for more information.

Academic Coaching and Student Success Workshops

Hosted by the Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is a one-stop shop for academic support. In addition to offering peer tutoring and supplemental instruction, the ASC also offers academic coaching, helpful handouts on studying and learning, and workshops to advance student success. For a full list of available services, visit the Academic Success Center website.