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The following schedule is recommended for students with a preference for any major in the Texas A&M University College of Engineering:
  • MATH 150: Functions, Trigonometry and Linear Systems (4 credits)
  • CLEN 181: Engineering Success Seminar (0 credits)
  • ENGR 102: Engineering Lab 1 — Computation (2 credits)
  • University Core Curriculum (3 credits)
  • University Core Curriculum (3 credits)


CHEM 107/117: Biomedical engineering, chemical engineering and material science and engineering degrees require a two-semester sequence of chemistry courses consisting of CHEM 119 or CHEM 107/117 and CHEM 120; students interested in other majors in the College of Engineering are encouraged to complete CHEM 107/117.

Students considering medical school after completion of their undergraduate degree are encouraged to take both CHEM 119 and CHEM 120.

University Core Curriculum (UCC): Students in the College of Engineering should select courses from the following requirements that are not already satisfied with AP, IB or dual credit:

  • POLS 206 (3 credits)
  • POLS 207 (3 credits)
  • American History Electives (6 credits)
  • Creative Arts Elective (3 credits)
  • Social and Behavioral Science Elective (3 credits)
    • Students with a preference for industrial distribution will be required to take ECON 202 to satisfy the Social and Behavioral Science Elective (3 credits) – AP and dual credit for ECON 203 satisfies this requirement.
  • International and Cultural Diversity Elective (3 credits) and Cultural Discourse (3 credits)
    • May be satisfied with approved courses from American History, Creative Arts or Social, Behavioral Science, and Language, Philosophy and Culture electives.
  • Language, Philosophy and Culture Elective (3 credits)
    • Students with a preference in civil, petroleum or environmental engineering are required to take PHIL/ENGR 482 to satisfy the Language, Philosophy and Culture requirement. This course requires student to have more than 60 college credit hours completed.
  • Communication Elective (6 credits)
    • ENGL 103 or 104 (3 credits)
      • ENGL 103 is not offered at Texas A&M but can be transferred in from other institutions.
      • ENGL 104 is restricted to students with less than 60 college credit hours.
  • Communication (3 credit)
    • Dependent on student’s intended major.

A complete list of course options that satisfy the UCC electives can be found at the Texas A&M Core Curriculum page. Each of the above UCC requirements must be completed to satisfy graduation requirements, but they do not have to be completed in any particular order. Remember to review the course description to ensure you have the required prerequisites. Several 300-400 level courses require junior/senior level classification and cannot be taken by students with less than 60 passed hours.

Additional Notes:

Texas A&M Maritime Academy (TAMMA): Must register for the required ZOPT 100 course; NROTC students must also register for the required NVSC 101 course.

Dual credits: Dual credit that has been received and processed by the Texas A&M admissions office is reflected on your unofficial transcript in Howdy. Use the transfer course equivalency guide found in HOWDY to verify course equivalency for course credit that has not been processed by Texas A&M. Open Howdy > My Record tab > Transfer Course Equivalency.

Foreign Language: All students graduating from Texas A&M must complete two semesters of the same foreign language in high school or one year of the same language at the college level. See the Texas A&M Catalog for details.

The following is a list of advanced placement tests that can be used to satisfy a degree requirement for majors in the College of Engineering. A complete listing of all AP and IB credits by Texas A&M are available at the Texas A&M Testing Services site.

Accepted AP and IB credits