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Ocean Engineering

Offered on the Galveston campus as well as in College Station, the bachelor of science in ocean engineering offers students a unique opportunity to focus on research and emerging technology in a variety of fields. The degree combines civil, mechanical and electrical engineering with naval architecture and applied oceanography to teach students about the design of systems that must operate in the ocean, such as offshore oil rigs, subsea pipelines and seawalls. From oil and gas to coast management and beach restoration, there is a wide range of career opportunities available to ocean engineers. Learn more about ocean engineering.

Multidisciplinary Engineering Technology

Electro Marine Engineering Technology Track

The multidisciplinary engineering technology (MXET) degree plan offered on the Galveston campus has an emphasis in marine mechatronics, a multidisciplinary field that includes a combination of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, communications, control, and marine engineering technology topics. Students interested in wireless communications, automation, instrumentation and/or robotics will gain hands-on experience with a focus on marine electronic systems in a unique, on-the-coast setting. Additionally, students graduating with this degree will be well prepared to become an electro-technology officer (ETO). In the near future, at least one ETO will be required on each sailing vessel. Learn more about this multidisciplinary engineering technology track. 

Computer Science

To provide access to one of the most popular degrees in the country, the Bachelor of Science in computer science degree is offered on the Galveston campus and in College Station. The course content is the same across both campuses, including sound preparation in science, mathematics, English, statistics and computing. The program is designed to prepare students to enter the computing field. Learn more about this computer science degree.

Interdisciplinary Engineering

Engineering for Marine Environments Track

The College of Engineering has developed a specialized interdisciplinary degree that focuses on engineering in marine environments — from the shore to the ocean floor. Students in this program gain an understanding of the geohazards present in and around the ocean by taking courses in ocean engineering, project management and safety engineering. Located on the Gulf Coast of Texas, Texas A&M University at Galveston provides the perfect location to apply the knowledge you've gained in a hands-on way, preparing you for a career in a variety of engineering sectors. Learn more about this interdisciplinary engineering track.