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The checklist on this page will help you prepare for your first year at Texas A&M Engineering at Galveston. 

___ Register for a New Student Conference (NSC) in Applicant Information System (AIS) before completing anything else. 

___ Complete NSC Family and Guest Registration.  

___ Visit the Campus Living and Learning site to apply for fall/spring on-campus housing.

___ Apply for financial aid (FAFSA). For priority consideration, submit your application by Jan. 15, 2023.

___ Log in to your Texas A&M email account with your NetID and password through the Howdy Portal.

___ Purchase a device for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requirement

___ Upload your proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination in the TAMU Med+Proctor portal.

___ Verify residency in AIS.

___ Complete the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements in the Howdy Portal on either the "Applicant" or the "My Record" tab (if applicable).

___ Register, prepare, and take the Texas A&M Math Placement Exam before your New Student Conference. Engineering students can take up to two practice exams through our web-based testing system.

___ Check the Howdy Portal for any Texas A&M University holds.

___ Send your final official high school transcript via TREx or mail when it is available. 

___ Send your AP/IB scores to qualify for and claim college credit (if applicable).

___ Send your official college transcript(s) (if applicable). 

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