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Student with Aggie ring types on a laptop

Just as we require our students to have specific textbooks and supplies in order to gain the highest quality of engineering educational experience, the Texas A&M University College of Engineering requires our students to purchase a computer to complement the course instruction. The vast majority of the students entering the college already bring some form of desktop or laptop computer with them when they begin school. Unfortunately, the variation in the types of computers makes it nearly impossible for instructors to routinely ask students to use their own computers in the classroom. A computer designated by the college and purchased by incoming students will provide students the convenience to explore course content anytime, anywhere.

While there are many computers available, the College of Engineering can only guarantee performance and provide support for the specific computers identified by the appropriate link below. These computers will accommodate most of the needs of an engineering student throughout a four-year degree plan, balancing performance, cost and expected life of the computer. The computers have been negotiated with the various vendors — which are external to Texas A&M University — at a price point that is lower than what an individual would likely be able to negotiate.

Recommended Devices

Students Entering Fall 2024 Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Aid

For financial aid recipients, the purchase of a computer device can be considered in your cost of attendance. To request this, please complete the Request to Change Cost of Attendance form for Scholarships and Financial Aid. Submission of documentation does not guarantee additional aid will be awarded to you. In certain situations, you may not be eligible for additional funding.

Your engineering education requires a computer to complement the course instruction. Undergraduate students entering the College of Engineering are strongly encouraged to purchase from our list of recommended and supported devices. Doing so guarantees performance, as well as hardware and software support throughout your years here as an engineering student. Should you choose a device not on this list, please know that we cannot guarantee that the required software will run effectively, or that our IT team will be able to support your device. No student will be denied admission to Texas A&M based on an inability to purchase a computer.

College of Engineering students coenrolled in the Blinn-Brenham, Chevron or Concho Academies must apply for financial aid from the partner community college. Any questions about including the purchase of a computer in the cost of attendance should be directed to the community college financial aid office.