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Below are guidelines for completing your Texas A&M University College of Engineering Entry to a Major (ETAM) application.
Students are required to apply to three majors with the option of apply to up to five majors.

  • Major selections must be ranked in order of preference.
  • You cannot select the same major twice.
  • There are three essay portions to the application: “Outstanding Achievements,” “Additional Information” and “Statement of Purpose." Although “Outstanding Achievements" and “Additional Information” are optional, it is highly recommended that you complete these essays. Also, this application uses plain text formatting. You are encouraged to use a word processor like Microsoft Word to compose your essays and to check your word count (250 words for each essay), spelling and grammar. You can then copy and paste your text onto the application text area. In addition, you can ask the University Writing Center to review your essays. Additional information is listed below:
    • Outstanding Achievements: Avoid using major-specific language. All majors you apply to will read this essay. Use complete sentences; do not use bullet points. This section gives you an opportunity to discuss any outstanding achievements you feel are notable for departments to consider. Outstanding achievements should include leadership roles, major projects related to engineering, work or internship experience and scholarships you have received. You may use awards from your time in high school — particularly if they are related to engineering, science, math — or any leadership or extracurricular activities such as band, UIL, etc. This is also a great space to discuss AP credit and other academic qualifications.
    • Additional Information: Avoid major-specific language. All majors you apply to will read this essay. This section allows you the opportunity to give additional information you want the committee to consider. You can include extenuating circumstances or other factors influencing your academic performance.
    • Statement of Purpose: Only the selected major will read this essay. You will write one “Statement of Purpose” for each major you select. These sections are major specific and will only be seen by the reviewer(s) in the major you are applying to. For example, industrial engineering reviewers will see the industrial engineering essay, but not the chemical engineering essay. Your statement of purpose should explain your reason for selecting this major and should include academic areas of interest, future professional career goals and strengths you would bring to the department. You should be able to clearly articulate why you are interested in a specific major. You can also write about student organizations you have joined within the major or faculty you have met from this major. Also, include all accomplishments related to the major.
  • You cannot update or revise the application once it is submitted. Please review all details carefully before you submit.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully submitted the application.

View a sample of an ETAM application