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The hosting department initiates all J-1 requests. Proper planning is crucial to the timely processing of documents. The approval process takes time; therefore it is important that the department should start the invitation process at least two months prior to the intended arrival date of the exchange visitor. The department will request and collect all required documentation and information from the prospective exchange visitor and forward a complete application packet to IFSS (See Documentation Checklist). While the application process remains the same for inviting a J-1 Scholar or Professor and for inviting a J-1 Student Intern, the required documentation differs.

Inviting a J-1 Scholar or Professor

It is important to keep in mind that the J-1 is for a temporary stay in the U.S. For this reason prospective J-1s in the category of professor may only be in a visiting faculty position. He or she may not be a candidate for a tenure-track position but may temporarily take the place of someone who is a candidate for tenure.

Documentation Required by the Department to Host a J-1 Scholar or Professor

Refer to the J-1 Documentation Checklist as it provides you with a list of all the documents IFSS needs in order to prepare the DS-2019. All documentation should be gathered according to the checklist and then forwarded by the hosting department to IFSS.

Documents that must be completed and provided by the department include:

  1. Department Sponsorship of J-1 Exchange Visitor
  2. Texas A&M University Division of Research 5VS Form (if you are with a system agency, check for a similar form)
  3. FedEx Airbill (for international delivery service)

5VS Form Instructions

This form will be initiated at the department level and forwarded to the appropriate Texas A&M University offices for approvals. A copy of the invitation/offer letter and the prospective visitor’s résumé or CV must be attached. The VPR Office will forward a copy of the approved form to IFSS. If the 5VS was not processed by Texas A&M University's VPR office, you must submit a copy of the approved form to IFSS.

(Source: International Faculty & Scholar Services)