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For students who do not attend one of our partner institutions and would like to become a research intern within the Texas A&M University College of Engineering, the following criteria will need to be met:

  • Must be currently enrolled at your home institution.
  • Must be in good academic standing at your home institution.
  • Must establish contact with prospective host faculty in student's research area. To learn more about the various research areas within each of the College of Engineering departments, please visit our research areas page.
  • Once a prospective host faculty has been identified, contact the faculty member. Please include the information outlined in your communication. The communication with the prospective host faculty member should start at least six months prior to the semester the student intends to travel to Texas A&M University.
  • Once a faculty member has agreed to host the student, the visa process will be initiated by the Texas A&M faculty member. (If your housing faculty has questions about the process, they can contact the Halliburton Engineering Global Programs Office.)
  • Must satisfy all items on the checklist for J-1 student interns.

General Requirements

To see the general requirements for the International Research Intern Program, please visit the general requirement page.