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The research internship program is suggested for outstanding students interested in conducting research and becoming acquainted with Texas A&M University's academic and research programs. The program is open to undergraduate students in their last year of study and to graduate students (master's and doctoral students).

To Become a Research Intern at Texas A&M

To start, interested students should work with their faculty advisors at their home institutions to identify the faculty member at Texas A&M and for the student's advisor to get in contact with the Texas A&M faculty.

  1. Establish contact with prospective host faculty in the student's research area. To learn more about the various research areas within each of the College of Engineering departments, visit our Research Areas page.
  2. Once a prospective host faculty has been identified, contact the faculty member. Please include the information outlined in your communication. The communication with the prospective host faculty member should start at least six months prior to the semester the student intends to travel to Texas A&M.
  3. Once a faculty member has agreed to host the student, the visa process will be initiated by the Texas A&M faculty member.

General Requirements

Students should be prepared to provide the following information to the host faculty members at Texas A&M:

  • TOEFL score: Minimum of 80 on Internet-Based Test (500 paper-based and 213 computer-based).
  • Résumé (CV), including contact information, academic background and GPA. Must be in English.
  • Official certificate showing that the student will be registered as a degree-seeking student at their home institution during their time at Texas A&M.
  • A letter of intent for their time at Texas A&M and a confirmation letter from a faculty member stating that the proposed research is relevant to the student's degree program.
  • Two letters of recommendation, including one from the student's academic advisor from their home institution.
  • Must be completing a degree program at his or her home institution.

Texas A&M faculty advisors will provide documentation and guidance for students to obtain a J1 Student Intern Visa for the duration of their stay. Prior arrangements must be made with a Texas A&M faculty advisor for the student and for provision of access to the research facilities needed for the research project.

Documentation checklist for J-1 student interns.

It is the students' responsibility to pay for travel expenses, living expenses and mandatory health insurance. Tuition charges are not applicable because participants will not be enrolled in or taking classes.

Students will be accepted based on academic merits and the availability of research opportunities and faculty advisors at Texas A&M University.