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Explore degrees available through the No. 1 online graduate program in Texas. Study online to earn the same quality degree as on campus.

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Get information on the application process and funding opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and transfer students.

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Students and organizations can bring hands-on activities or design challenges to your location or just visit as guest speakers.

Texas A&M University has a long history of cooperation and collaboration with global partners to build educational programs, conduct critical research and develop innovative solutions for global problems. This approach has never been more important than now. Our graduates will enter the workforce that operates in a global context, so it is important that they develop international and intercultural skills while studying at Texas A&M. Likewise, knowledge is created in a global context, and faculty research is enhanced by strategic international alliances. Critical issues facing the world call for global solutions and Texas A&M brings to the world a rich intellectual capacity to address these issues.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has formal exchange agreements with several international universities, including Institut Superieur d’Electronique de Paris, EPF – Ecole d’Ingenieurs and the University of Rome. Faculty and qualified students engage in high-quality collaborative research programs that enrich academic experience. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain a global perspective regarding computer science and computer engineering, as well as deepen their critical and comparative thinking skills

Below is a list of available computer science and engineering programs both for majors and non-majors.

Available Programs

Locations: Rome, Italy Civil and Environment Engineering - Faculty Led - Spring Term Offered: Spring

Courses Offered: CVEN 322, CVEN 349/MTDE 333, CVEN 307, CVEN 311/EVEN 311, GEOL 320 | Applicable Majors: Civil & Environmental Engineering, other Engineering Majors and students pursuing the Engineering Project Management minor

Locations: Paris, France Civil Engineering Project Management - Faculty Led Term Offered: Wintermester

Courses Offered: CVEN 349, ENGR 333 | Applicable Majors: Civil & Environmental Engineering and students pursuing the Engineering Project Management minor

Locations: Wales and England, United Kingdom Computer Architecture - Faculty Led Term Offered: Summer II

Courses Offered: ECEN 350, ECEN 469 | Applicable Majors: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece Economic Analysis - Faculty Led Term Offered: Wintermester

Courses Offered: ISEN 302 | Applicable Majors: Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering and students pursuing the Engineering Project Management minor

Locations: Singapore Singapore Software Engineering - Faculty Led Term Offered: Wintermester

Courses Offered: CSCE 431 | Applicable Majors: Computer Engineering (both tracks), Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and others pending

Location: Spain Programming Studio - Faculty Led - Summer Term Offered: Summer

Courses Offered: CSCE 315 | Applicable Majors: Computer Science Engineering and Electrical Engineering majors

Locations: Varied Semester Exchange Program Terms Offered: Varied

Major(s): All Engineering Majors

Location: Varied International Internship Program Term(s) Offered: Varied

Majors: All Engineering Majors