Programs in Biomedical Engineering are offered in following countries:

PERU Wintermester 2018-19

Faculty-led Program(offered in December 2018 - January 2019)

Course(s) Offered: BMEN 420: Medical Imaging (3 CR)

This course is offered by Dr. Javier Jo.

India- Ethics in Engineering

Wintermester 2018 -19

Course(s) Offered: ENGR/PHIL 482

This course is led by Dr. Debjyoti Banerjee and Curry O'Day


Faculty-led Semester-Long Program

Course(s) Offered: BMEN 211, BMEN 253, BMEN 400, VTPP 435, MATH 308

These course are offered by Dr. Jeremy Wasser and Dr. Virginia Fajt.


Course(s) Offered: ECEN 215

This course is offered by Dr. Sebastian Hoyos.


History of Medicine

Faculty-led Summer I 2018
Course(s) Offered: VTPP 401/BMEN 400, VIBS 425/465, VTPP 485

These course are offered by Dr. Jeremy Wasser and Dr. Virginia Fajt.


Faculty-led Summer 2018

Course(s) Offered: BMEN 485, BMEN 448, ENGR 484

Reciprocal Exchange Programs

Texas A&M University College of Engineering provides an opportunity to spend a semester as well as a whole academic year in a foreign university. We offer REEP programs across the globe at accredited and renowned universities.

International Internships

The International Internship Program offers the best combination of work experience, learning skills and getting immersed in a new culture. 

Spend seven weeks in Doha, Qatar and take classes offered for all engineering majors.