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Academy Students and Gig 'em

The Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn College-Brenham is for first-time, full-time students and continuing students that have achieved a high school diploma or equivalent and are pre-calculus or calculus ready as determined by Blinn College-Brenham.

Students interested in the Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn College-Brenham must first secure admission to Blinn College-Brenham.

First-time, full-time students should submit an ApplyTexas application to Blinn College-Brenham using the following steps:

  1. Create an account at the ApplyTexas website.
  2. Click Create a new application now then click Create a new 2-year college admissions application.
  3. Select Blinn College as your target college then select Fall 2021 as your semester of entry.
  4. Select Blinn College Academic Majors as your first choice school then select Engineering as your first choice major.
  5. On page three, select High School Graduate if you are still in high school. Select College Transfer, Degree Seeking if you have been enrolled in college coursework after high school graduation or receipt of your GED. Select Earn credits for transfer as your reason for attending.
  6. On page five, select Brenham Campus as the Blinn College location you will be attending.

Continuing students at Blinn College-Brenham who wish to participate in the Engineering Academy program apply to the Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn College-Brenham by submitting a candidate form. Detailed information on securing admission to Blinn College-Brenham, important deadlines, and accessing the candidate form can be found on the  Blinn College-Brenham website.

Blinn College-Brenham will provide pre-qualified students the link to the Texas A&M Engineering Academy application. Students should submit the Texas A&M Engineering Academy application and all supporting credentials to the Texas A&M Office of Admissions by June 30. Detailed information about this process can be found on the Texas A&M Engineering Academy application student guide.

Successful applicants will receive an offer of admission from Texas A&M University to the Engineering Academy at Blinn College-Brenham and will be advised on how to accept the offer and register for courses.

Students admitted and enrolled in the Texas A&M Engineering Academy program are engineering students in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University and enrolled at Blinn College-Brenham. Once enrolled, all courses must be completed through Blinn College-Brenham and Texas A&M University-College Station. Students previously enrolled at Texas A&M University are not eligible to apply. Students are required to participate in the living-learning community and will be required to pay a housing application fee prior to the deadline set by Mill Creek Residence Hall. Mill Creek Hall is located on the Brenham campus.