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Our instructional faculty not on a tenure track play a critical role in educating students and advancing the Texas A&M University College of Engineering’s 25 by 25 initiative. The instructional faculty include faculty lecturers, senior lecturers, instructional professors (assistant, associate and full), and professors of practice (associate and full).

To recognize and honor the instructional faculty, the College of Engineering in spring 2015 initiated the Instructional Faculty Teaching Award.

Nomination Guide

To ensure the eligibility of nominees, please see the eligibility requirements page.

Nomination Package

The Instructional Faculty Teaching Award nomination package should be submitted in this order and should include:

  1. The nomination form.
  2. Teaching evaluation summaries for the past three years.
  3. An outline of the candidate’s contributions to research and/or service missions, if applicable.
  4. Two letters of recommendation by current or past students.
  5. The nominee’s CV (limited to 20 pages).

The department head’s nomination should address:

  • The impact that the candidate has had on education.
  • The candidate’s teaching evaluation scores, framed in a proper context.
  • A summary of peer evaluations, if available.
  • Sample quotes from student evaluations.

Most importantly, the nomination letter should address the difference made by the candidate.

Number of Nominations

The number of nominations allowed per department is:

  • Aerospace engineering - one.
  • Biomedical engineering - one.
  • College of Engineering (Engineering Academic and Student Affairs) - three.
  • Chemical engineering - one.
  • Computer science and computer engineering - two.
  • Civil and environmental engineering - two.
  • Electrical and computer engineering - two.
  • Engineering technology and industrial distribution - two.
  • Industrial and systems engineering - one.
  • Mechanical engineering - two.
  • Materials science and engineering - one.
  • Multidisciplinary engineering - one.
  • Nuclear engineering - one.
  • Ocean engineering - one.
  • Petroleum engineering - one.

Past Recipients

See past recipients of the Instructional Faculty Teaching Award.