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A cohort of Zachry Leadership Program students pose for a group photo
A cohort of Zachry Leadership Program students pose for a photo with John B. Zachry and Seth Sullivan.

Students must be enrolled as undergraduates in the College of Engineering at the time of their application and throughout their time in the program. They must also remain in good standing (academic and conduct) throughout the program.

Because much of the learning in this program occurs through interaction and experiences, attendance and active engagement are mandatory for all program components, including the pre-semester retreats. As an admitted student, you are asked to commit to being enrolled and taking classes on the College Station campus for each of the five semesters in which you are in the program. You are also asked to commit to attending all five pre-semester retreats, held the week before classes start each fall and spring semester. 

Please note that other organizations and academic programs may have required events during those weeks. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are not enrolled in two programs with conflicting events. Attendance at another organization’s event or class is not considered an excused absence for a Zachry Leadership Program class or retreat.

Students do not have any required activities during the summers and are encouraged to pursue internships, study abroad trips or research opportunities.

We expect every student in the program to be fully present and engaged in all program activities. You must be prepared to listen to each other, voice your own views and perspectives, suspend your inclination to rush to an answer or respond immediately to a view different from your own and respect each other.

Application Timeline

  • April: Application window opens
  • June: Application closes/Review begins
  • August: Students will be invited to interviews
  • September-October: Interviews
  • October: Students notified of selection decisions
  • November: Orientation and reception
  • January: Mandatory pre-semester retreat