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A student on a canoe
A Zachry Leadership Program student floats in a canoe at Camp Allen.

The Zachry Leadership Program focuses on helping you expand your perspective and gain an appreciation for the power of collaboration and the diversity of thought, while also learning the duty of leaders to serve their teams and communities.  

By participating in this program, you will gain lasting friendships with peers and interact with accomplished professionals with remarkable backgrounds. You’ll also be exposed to art as part of an initiative to stimulate creativity and open your mind.

After five semesters, you’ll emerge from this experience with a strong understanding of capitalism and how businesses operate within a free enterprise system. You’ll also have strengthened leadership capabilities and will be confident in your ability to influence people, while never losing sight of the many ways individuals and organizations make meaningful contributions to society. The combination of traditional coursework, exposure to thought leaders and a wide range of other experiences will help develop the capabilities and insights necessary for you to lead a successful and rewarding career. These skills will also help you lead a rewarding life outside of your 9-to-5 job.