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To: All Students in Petroleum Engineering
From: Stephen A. Holditch
Subject: Interviewing for jobs


Noted below are a few basic ethical and/or practical considerations when interviewing:

  • If you have already accepted a job, either permanent or for the summer, then you should honor your commitment and you should not be interviewing other companies. To do so is not ethical.
  • You have no business interviewing with 10 or more companies. You should be able to go to the information sessions, use the internet, and pick out 4, 5 or 6 companies to schedule your interviews. We have a lot of students looking for jobs. If you have a high GPA, then you have the ability to interview as many companies as you wish, as they will always pick you. However, by doing so, you are taking away chances for interview from your Aggie Buddies.
  • If you do interview a number of companies and go on second interviews, you should cancel all future interviews once you have accepted a job.
  • If you want a job next summer, you should be interviewing now (in the Fall). Do not start looking in April or May, because you will find it difficult to get a position.

Thanks for your help with these matters. If you violate these logical and ethical rules, you cause employers to look at Texas A&M in an unfavorable light.