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Howdy! Thank you for your interest in the industrial and systems engineering graduate program. Learn about our degrees and which one best suits you and your goals.

In our program we have five degrees: a Master of Engineering in industrial engineering; a Master of Science in industrial engineering; a Master of Science in engineering management; a Master of Science in systems engineering, and a Doctor of Philosophy in industrial engineering.

All our master’s degrees take 30 credit hours to complete. Our Doctor of Philosophy will take 64 hours to 90 hours to finish, depending on the student’s educational background. Students who have already completed a master’s will be able to complete their Doctor of Philosophy by completing our 64-hour Doctor of Philosophy program (master’s to doctorate). Students who do not hold a master’s degree and are going straight from their Bachelor of Science to a Doctor of Philosophy will have to complete a total of 96 hours in order to complete their doctorate.

Graduate students do not take more than three courses (nine credit hours) per semester because the workload of each course is rigorous and demanding. Please note that nine credit hours is considered full time in our graduate program. A student may take more than nine credit hours per semester, but we ask that the student consider the course load of each course before attempting to stack four courses (12 credit hours) in one semester. It takes a full-time student about 1.5 years to complete any master’s degree, 3.5 years to complete the master's to doctorate degree and five years to complete our Bachelor of Science to doctorate.

For students interested in distance education, we offer two online master’s degrees: the Master of Engineering in industrial engineering and Master of Science in engineering management. These online programs are suited for working professionals or students who want to join our program, but are unable to relocate to College Station.

To learn more about each degree, see the list at the top of the page.

Learn about the graduate programs and research in industrial and systems engineering. | Video: Foxtrot Creative