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Texas A&M University's Master of Engineering in industrial engineering is a non-thesis degree. It requires at least 30 credit hours. The degree program is structured and oriented for working professionals. It covers basic knowledge sets, methods and tools in industrial engineering.

Students pursuing this degree usually focus on entering industry after graduation. This degree is designed for students who do not have any specific areas of interest or who are seeking a degree that is all encompassing rather than a specialization.

With this degree you will learn from each of the following areas of specialization: data science, human and human systems engineering, manufacturing and operations research. This degree is also offered online.

Degree Overview

  • 30 credit hours
  • 1.5 years to complete
  • No tracks or specializations
  • All encompassing degree

Required Courses (18 hours total)

Mandatory classes (all):

  • ISEN 609
  • ISEN 613
  • ISEN 620

Specializations (choose one course from each area):


  • ISEN 658
  • ISEN 615
  • ISEN 617

Data Science

  • ISEN 614
  • ISEN 616
  • ISEN 625

Human Factors

  • ISEN 630
  • ISEN 633
  • ISEN 671


  • 12 hours, maximum of three courses outside of ISEN

More Information

Please see the Texas A&M industrial and systems engineering course catalog for descriptions of each course. Note that the prefix for all industrial and systems engineering courses is ISEN.