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The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Industrial Engineering. The Ph.D. degree is a research-oriented degree for individuals interested in a career in academia, consulting, or with an organization requiring advanced training. With the advice and approval of his/her advisory committee, the student can develop a degree plan which matches his/her own professional interests.

The traditional Ph.D. degree plan for the student who already has a master's degree must contain at least 64 credit hours, including credit for dissertation research hours. We also offer the Ph.D. for direct-entry study, allowing a student with only a Bachelor’s degree to apply, effectively bypassing the Master’s degree. If a student holds only a bachelor's degree, a total of at least 96 hours is required.

Doctoral students must maintain a 3.0 official GPR and a 3.0 GPR on degree plan courses. The dissertation is expected to be suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed (scholarly) journal.

Ph.D. students are required to take three major exams: the qualifying exam, the preliminary exam (taken within 6 credit hours of the completion of formal coursework), and the final exam (also known as the defense). A formal proposal presentation is also required of each Ph.D. student

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