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Three students stand by their presentation poster. All are smiling at the camera.

The Wm Michael Barnes '64 Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University partners with small businesses and companies to provide valuable hands-on experience to our graduating seniors, while reaping the benefits of our department's experience and expertise.

The objective of the design course is to teach senior engineering students a top-down systems design process that enables and encourages innovation. Students then apply this process to a challenging design project. Thus, the nature and scope of potential projects are broad and open to discussion. Industrial and systems engineering is a broad discipline with applications in nearly every aspect of the corporate/industrial world, from design to implementation, improvement and integration. Past capstone projects have addressed issues of forecasting, scheduling, travel/transportation/logistics, facility layout, inventory control, quality assurance, six sigma and lean manufacturing, and production.

2023 Engineering Project Showcase

Congratulations to all the industrial and systems engineering students who particated in the spring 2023 Engineering Project Showcase. Below are the award highlights for department teams.

Engineering Project Showcase department awards

  • First place and Manufacturing Sector Recognition: The Shahi Kulfi Company - Dakota Graves, Grant Kirby, Andrew Liu, Rachel Rousseau and Andrew Ta
  • Second place and Energy Sector Recognition: SMARTair Smart Home HVAC+Lighting Vent - Allison Echartea, Sagar Ganeshan, Gabriella Rocha and Vendant Varma
  • Third place: Optimizing Inbound and Outbound Traffic Flow at PyRock Chemical - Daniel Adams, Romil Desphande, Brittney Kiet and James Melson

Departmental Technical Awards

  • First place (tie): Padfield & Stout – Data Analytics for Liens and Baylor Scott & White (Colton Higgins, Benjamin Jacobs, Amr Masad and Jared Rowe), MedSurg Unit Discharge Process (Michaela Anderson, Rory Feigl, Olivia Ryann and Savannah Schwienteck
  • Second place: SAFElab Biomechanical Injury Calculator - Marianne Flores, Madison “MJ” Saunders, Jakob Swilley and Harrison Wissel-Littmann
  • Third place: Novolex (Heritage Bag Company) – Production Schedule - Tabby Deupree, Jonelle George, Erin Givilanc, Daniella Olguin and Kamsiyochukwu Onejeme

Departmental Product Video Awards

  • First place: NSIN (DEVCOM) - Lake Brannon, James Criscione, Thomas Trinh and Eric Wells
  • Second place: C.C. Creations - Elijah Martinez, Cortland DeNisio and Mariah Vasquez

Groups of four to five students are paired with a corporate partner by course instructors. Together, the company and the students identify problems or areas of concern within the business. The students propose methods for verifying, analyzing and solving those problems. A final report containing

We are dedicated to preparing our students for careers as industrial engineers and are proud to have this opportunity to partner with highly qualified, respected and dedicated industry professionals. For the recommended donation to the department, your company can benefit from this expertise. We

Support benefits both our students and sponsors. Over the years, the industrial and systems engineering department has had many different types of projects with varying types of sponsor arrangements. A wide range of projects are suitable. The ideal project challenges the students both creatively and

Thank You!

We would like to acknowledge and thank our past and current corporate sponsors for their time and effort in support of our senior capstone design course. We look forward to continuing the growth of these corporate relationships, in addition to establishing new partners for the future. Thank you to those involved in cultivating the next generation of industrial and systems engineers.