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Texas A&M University's Master of Science in industrial engineering is frequently chosen by students interested in earning a Doctor of Philosophy. It is also often chosen by students seeking to specialize in one of the following four areas: data science, health and human systems engineering, manufacturing and operations research. These degree specializations allow students to focus on areas they are most interested in and gain a depth of knowledge and expertise in these specializations.

Degree Requirements

The degree requires courses in the areas of linear programming, nonlinear programming, statistics and mathematical probability. It is not offered online. This degree, regardless of specialization, does not allow the following courses to be taken: STAT 601, STAT 651 and CSCE 601. In addition, students can only have one of the following count toward their degree: STAT 610 or STAT 630.

Thesis Option

The thesis option is for students interested in gaining valuable research skills. These students plan to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy upon the completion of their master’s and ultimately to work in academia. The thesis option requires at least 30 credit hours, which include and require three to six hours of ISEN 691. If a student wishes to take ISEN 681 (this is optional), the student can only take zero to three hours of ISEN 681. The combination of ISEN 681 and ISEN 691 cannot exceed six hours.

Non-Thesis Option

The non-thesis option is for students interested in working in industry and not in pursing a Doctor of Philosophy. Non-thesis option students can choose to focus on learning areas of specialization that are in demand or that they enjoy learning about, but without having to complete a thesis. The non-thesis option requires at least 30 credit hours.

Non-thesis option overview

  • Non-thesis students are not allowed to take ISEN 691.
  • Non-thesis students are not required to take ISEN 681.
  • If a non-thesis student chooses to take ISEN 681, it will not count toward their degree.
  • Non-thesis students have the option to take ISEN 685, but they cannot exceed three hours of ISEN 685.

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