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Ph.D. Fellowships

We are undergoing a major expansion with the goal of continuously improving the department’s vibrant academic environment. As a part of this process, we have created fellowships for first-year doctoral students. The fellowships are intended to attract internationally-competitive candidates by providing them with an opportunity to learn more about ongoing research during their first year of study.

Our department has four research areas: operations research, data science, advanced manufacturing, and health and human systems engineering. For subsequent years, fellowship recipients can expect support through research assistantships. Such assistantships provide opportunities for our students to work on their doctoral dissertations in the context of active research projects.

For more information about fellowship opportunities, please contact  

Financial Aid

Doctoral students are almost all supported by various means of graduate assistantships or fellowships. Applicants who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for nominations to compete for university-level fellowships. These fellowships are highly competitive and prestigious and provide a substantial amount of financial support. They tend to have early nomination deadlines. For those who want to be considered for such nomination, please complete your application by Dec. 15.  

For more information on what other financial aid opportunities may be available to you, please contact Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at  or 979-845-3236.