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Some of the best and brightest high school students can't afford today's tuition without scholarships. New construction also rarely occurs without the generous support of our donors. The gifts we receive help determine our college's future by helping us to encourage and attract the best and brightest students, as well as obtain and retain the best faculty. Your generous gift to the Texas A&M University College of Engineering helps to ensure continued engineering excellence.

Your gift can enhance one of four areas:

  • Students
    Support Texas A&M University engineering students through scholarships and fellowships. Donors may contribute to existing programs or design a scholarship/fellowship based on their own criteria.
  • Faculty
    Top-notch faculty members attract not only other superb professors but also the best quality students. Invest in the potential of one faculty member and you affect the lives of hundreds of students.
  • College
    An endowed discretionary gift that allows the dean or department head to choose how best to use your gift is especially valuable and can help shape the future of your college.
  • Facilities
    To accommodate our growth and continue to attract the best and brightest students and faculty, construction and maintenance of our facilities are critical.