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Please see the following ways that you can support Texas A&M University College of Engineering departments.

Opportunities to Give

Aerospace Engineering

The Department of Aerospace Engineering has several spaces in the building requiring updates. Our main priority this year is to create spaces where students can gather to study, work and promote community within the department. The total cost to create such a space on the first floor is $15,000.

Give to Aerospace Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the biomedical engineering program, the Department of Biomedical Engineering has embarked on a campaign to support 50 scholarships for students. Did you know that it took 28 years for our first 1,000 graduates to walk the stage and only eight years for our third group of 1,000 to graduate? With this extraordinary growth, it is important to expand the opportunities to support our students.

Give to Biomedical Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is dedicated to providing support for students to better understand the materials they are learning in their classrooms and labs. The peer teacher program provides freshmen and sophomores with access to a peer teacher, a knowledgeable resource with whom they can relate academically and socially. 

Give to Computer Science and Engineering

Chemical Engineering

The Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering wants to provide fermenter kits to students for their zymology course. Each kit costs $200 and provides students with a hands-on learning experience throughout the course which has returned after years of frequent requests by current and former students.

Give to Chemical Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Gifts to the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will support the newly established Investing in Growing Aggie Doctors program (iGRAD). The program offers fully-funded fellowships for domestic doctoral students.

Give to Civil and Environmental Engineering

Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution

The Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution funds will help convert their Cobotics Lab into a state-of-the-art STEM and rapid prototyping lab. The lab is home to the newly developed Robotics Innovation in STEM Education (RISE) program. 

Give to Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Gifts to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will support the Electrical Engineering Endowed Excellence Fund and the Computer Engineering Endowed Excellence Fund. An endowed excellence fund is an investment in the long-term future of the department. The department utilizes these funds for initiatives supporting student activities, new curriculum development and departmental activities that enhance student well-being and improve our standing among peer institutions.

Give to the Electrical Engineering Endowed Excellence Fund

Give to the Computer Engineering Endowed Excellence Fund

Industrial and Systems Engineering

The Wm Michael Barnes '64 Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISEN) will use Giving Tuesday funds to support the ISEN Writing and Student Success Center. The center helps students prepare for their post-graduation job searches by providing assistance with writing resumes and cover letters and conducting mock interviews to ensure our students are prepared for entering the workforce. 

Give to Industrial and Systems Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

The Mike Walker '66 Department of Mechanical Engineering has to gift options. The first supports the senior capstone design experience that bridges the gap between classroom and industry. Capstone design projects are completed in groups where students develop necessary skills to succeed in diverse industry design teams. Employers value graduates with this experience because the students gain broad experience and solve complex engineering problems as a team.

Gifts can also be made to the student development fund to provide impactful learning experiences for our students outside of the classroom. The student development fund supports study abroad opportunities, emergency scholarships, bringing in esteemed guest lecturers or public speakers and more.

Give to the Mechanical Engineering Senior Capstone Design Experience

Give to the Mechanical Engineering Student Development Fund

Multidisciplinary Engineering

The Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering is committed to the academic growth of its students and groundbreaking research. Some of the best and brightest students are unable to afford the cost of tuition, and scholarships provide opportunities for them to continue their education. Giving Tuesday gifts will be used to support scholarships for students who have a passion for engineering.

Give to Multidisciplinary Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Students in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering need a materials foundry lab to enhance hands-on learning and opportunities. Gifts to the Materials Science and Engineering Excellence funds will support initiatives like these for students.

Give to Materials Science and Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Gifts to the Department of Nuclear Engineering will help send students abroad. Students who study abroad expand their global competency while meeting people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds. Students develop maturity, independence and the critical interpersonal skills sought after by employers and graduate schools.

Give to Nuclear Engineering

Ocean Engineering

The Department of Ocean Engineering needs to renovate and update the student lounges in the Haynes Engineering Building. Being able to provide our students with a space where they can study will lead to further collaboration, innovation and community that will positively impact the department for years to come. 

Give to Ocean Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

The Harold Vance Department of Engineering student paper contest is a peer-level competition for junior, senior and graduate students. It is designed to help them develop proficiency in presenting technical papers or research projects in an oral and visual form before both their peers and a panel of experts. Winners of the local contest have the opportunity to advance and compete at the regional and international level.

Give to Petroleum Engineering