Fall – Year 1

TCMT 610 - Engineering Personal Leadership* - Addresses Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and developing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral capabilities so students will become effective leaders. The course will explore the area of emotional intelligence, identify personal EQ competencies and areas for improvement, and build on these competencies and skills.

TCMT 611 – Financial Decision Making - Covers financial engineering for technical managers, accounting and financial concepts to provide every manager with a critical perspective on business performance and a foundation for good decision making.

TCMT 612 - Technology Management Decision Making - Instills a general intuition for data-driven decision making and equips leaders with the tools and techniques necessary to analyze large databases and use effective data visualization to gauge key metrics.

Spring – Year 1

TCMT 621 - Technical Project Management - Provides professionals with advanced tools and techniques to strategically execute projects, programs and portfolios. The course provides advanced skills and practical instruction on the processes, organizational structure and tools that assure project work yields desired business results.

TCMT 622 – Value Chain Management - This practice-oriented engineering and supply chain management course investigates a robust framework for better managing supply chains in today's rapidly changing markets. The course covers the next big trend in supply chain strategy, key skills required to be successful, how to effectively structure a company's supply-chain strategy, guidelines for making strategic sourcing and make-buy decisions, and how to integrate e-business thinking into supply chain strategy and management.

*Residency Course