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American Society for Mechanical Engineers - Technology (ASME-Tech)

An organization where students can learn more about the Engineering field, meet leaders in the industry, and work with fellow engineers on projects to develop innovative technologies.

The purpose of this organization shall be the advancement and dissemination of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering, the presentation of proper perspective of engineering work and the opportunity to become acquainted with the personnel and activities of the Society as well as to promote professional consciousness and fellowship.

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American Welding Society - TAMU Chapter

Students are the future of the welding industry. The American Welding Society recognizes this. That is why we invite students, wanting to expand their welding knowledge and take a more active role in their careers, to get more involved with welding.

Active participation in an AWS Student Chapter provides the knowledge, experience and networking needed to begin a successful career. Participation in a Student Chapter can provide AWS Student Members valuable experience for career and personal development.

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Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE-TECH)

The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Technology (IEEE-Tech) is a University-recognized student organization aimed specifically at students majoring in Electronics Engineering Technology and members of the Engineering Technology family. IEEE-Tech's vision, "Get Connected," finds its roots within the tireless faculty and thirsty students, to which end we represent the ET social arm.

IEEE-Tech provides Parts Store convenience, social activities such as the Semi-annual Golf Classic and paintball tournaments, as well as Industry-sponsored informational meetings and leadership opportunities.

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Professional Association of Industrial Distribution (PAID)

The Professional Association for Industrial Distribution (PAID) is a professional, student organization whose purpose is to create networking opportunities between students, faculty, and industry. PAID is Texas A&M University's third largest student organization, growing stronger every year. The organization serves as the gateway to the development and refinement of the skills necessary for a career in sales, purchasing, management, logistics or other field related to Industrial Distribution. PAID provides an opportunity for students to get involved, gain communications experience and benefit from professional growth. Companies often come to campus and sponsor events outside the classroom for PAID student members, including business meetings, power lunches, social events, and banquets.

Organized in 1983, PAID is a dynamic organizational platform for promoting student involvement with Industrial Distribution faculty and industry personnel. Likewise, the Industrial Distribution Career Fair is a unique opportunity for both students and industry to learn more about potential candidates and career opportunities in both a casual and professional environment.

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Sigma Delta Honor Society

The Honor Society for ID Students

  • Membership awarded to ID students with a 3.30 GPR or higher
  • Led by a board of student officers providing academic and professional development opportunities such as leadership skills, management, program planning, public speaking, interaction with industry professionals, etc
  • Sigma Delta students are selected to attend Trade Association Conferences throughout the United States
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Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is dedicated to bringing people and information together to advance manufacturing knowledge. We are internationally recognized by manufacturing practitioners, companies and other organizations as their source for information, education, and networking.* The Texas A&M University Chapter (099) focuses on connecting student who have an interest in manufacturing with industry information and opportunities for internships and full-time positions. Our activities vary from company informationals and plant tours to social events throughout the semester. The dues are $20 a year.

SME Visit the SME site

Society of Women in Industrial Distribution (SWID)

The mission of the Society of Women in Industrial Distribution is to develop confident and competent young professionals. We will create and maintain an environment where students, faculty, and industry professionals can openly discuss experiences and challenges about their work-life achievements, to enable students to explore career paths, as well as serve as a cornerstone for empowerment, camaraderie, and self-development.

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Tau Alpha Pi Honor Society

Tau Alpha Pi (TAP) was founded in 1953 by Frederick J. Berger, an engineering technology educator. TAP is a national honor society for students in Engineering Technology programs.

The Texas Gamma Chapter of Tau Alpha Pi was chartered in Spring of 1982 to provide the means of recognizing outstanding scholastic achievement in Engineering Technology at Texas A&M University. The organization has the responsibility of encouraging and promoting the pursuit of excellence in intellect and character among members and attracting new members by the example and service of the Honor Society.

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