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The Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology program has an active research program that spans from theoretical work, industrial applications, and education in areas that pertain to manufacturing processes and systems. MMET's research program is characterized by collaborations with other disciplines and industry, and the participation of undergraduate and graduate students. Currently the faculty members have research activity in the following broad areas:

  • Automation including robotics, system integration, and smart design of reconfigurable manufacturing systems
  • Manufacturing processes and materials including micro/nano manufacturing technologies for robust, three-dimensional MEMS, materials joining, and the development of novel manufacturing processes.
  • Manufacturing systems including performance assessment and optimization, quality assurance, and capacity management.
  • Applied mechanics including the modeling of novel materials processing technologies, and the modeling of forming polymer coated materials and thin-film coated polymers.
  • Thermal sciences including the physical characterization of nano-particles for heat transfer applications, energy conservation, renewable energy, and fuel cells.
  • Educational research including K-12 outreach models, web-based teaching and learning, and curriculum globalization.