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Master of Industrial Distribution Results

See how Texas A&M University's Master of Industrial Distribution program has improved the lives of graduates from our program. We teach the skills needed for our students to become company leaders.

Valin leverages Texas A&M’s Master of Industrial Distribution program to develop employees who are experts within their departments. Professionals who graduate from the program bring back a deeper understanding of the distribution industry, preparing them to grow into company leaders.

GSG sent its vice president of sales and vice president of finance to Texas A&M’s Master of Industrial Distribution program in 2010. They immediately came to trust its value as a program and became determined to continue investing in potential leaders by sending them through the program.

The resounding result of information gathered across the 70 MID students, all working full-time in various functional areas and across multiple distribution channels, is the need to fortify both internal and external practices within the organization to be a successful leader.

Former Master of Industrial Distribution students who work for Valin and GSG reflect on the impact of the program on their professional lives.

Master of Industrial Distribution former students Dee Ellis '15 and Dawn Ellis '19 share how the program has impacted their professional and personal lives.