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Application Process

Candidates must possess a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Professional and managerial experience is highly recommended and, as a part of the application process, a telephone interview may be scheduled with appropriate faculty and staff.

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Application Submission

2024 Cohort Admission Deadlines listed below

Residency Week for the cohort incoming Fall 2024 is planned for August 2024 in College Station, Texas.

Rolling Admission: All applications are evaluated on a rolling basis.  If you can complete the application within three weeks, the admission committee will review it and provide a decision within three weeks.  Your priority is our priority. The final Application Deadline for the 2024 Cohort is May 31, 2024.

Early Admission Scholarship: Applicants who are admitted before October 31 will be eligible for a $1000 scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to apply early in the academic calendar, as space becomes limited by the final deadline. In addition, applying in the earlier rounds will allow candidates more time to qualify for and address such matters as scholarships, financial aid, grants, loans, etc.

Estimated Application Completion Time:

Application Section Estimated Time
Engineering CAS Profile & Questions 15 – 20 Minutes
Recommender Names & Requests 15 – 20 Minutes
Request Unofficial College Transcripts 15 – 20 Minutes
Updated Resume 30 – 60 Minutes
Statements (Personal & Impact) 2 – 3 Hours
TOTAL 3 – 5 Hours

Admission Requirements

  1. Industry experience: Successful candidates are working Professionals with relevant experience. Candidates must have:
    • Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience in the areas of: Operations, Sales, Management, Finance, Accounting, Logistics, IT, Innovation, Process Improvements, and Supply Chain in B2B, distribution, or manufacturing channels are preferred.
    • Candidates with less than 2 years relevant experience in B2B, distribution, or manufacturing environments are encouraged to apply if they have a total of 5 years professional experience.
    • Leadership roles are favorable, but not required.
  2. Undergraduate degree.
    • 4-year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited US (domestic) university.
    • Undergraduate degree from an international university that is equivalent to a US 4-year undergraduate degree.
  3. GRE or GMAT scores are NOT required.
  4. English proficiency exam scores will be required for international students.

Application Requirements

  1. Complete and submit the EngineeringCAS Application
  2. Unofficial transcripts from the undergraduate degree college or university. If you have an existing Master-Level degree or classes taken post-graduation at a University or College we will require unofficial transcripts as well. (Official transcripts will be required upon an admission offer.)
  3. Resume/CV. Please make sure you have a complete work history on your Resume/CV during your professional career illustrating accomplishments and highlights.  
  4. Three letters of recommendation are required. Each recommender will upload their letter in Engineering CAS. Letters of recommendation should elevate your relevant skills and personal traits that make you a good fit for a graduate program. It is preferred that these letters come from the applicant’s firm or previous firm’s leadership, supervisors, or peers that do not report to the applicant that can speak on the caliber and capabilities of the applicant in the distribution, manufacturing, and business environments.

    Alternatives to Letters of Recommendation. In lieu of one (1) letter of recommendation, applicants may submit one of the following as an alternate. Alternate documents should list Mark Lorenzo as the recommender and those documents should be sent directly to the email provided. If an applicant elects to submit an alternate to the letter of recommendation, two (2) letters of recommendation must be submitted by the applicant’s recommenders.

    Alternates include:
    1. Current active duty US military logisticians or former US military applicants with one year or less of work experience in a non-military capacity may use their most recent annual military review or evaluation signed by their immediate and senior supervisor(s) for credit as one letter of recommendation.
    2. Working professionals with 3 years of experience that have an employer evaluation or team 360-degree composite evaluation report within the past calendar year, may submit the evaluation as credit for one letter of recommendation.
    3. Applicants that have received a national award from a 3rd party such as a trade association or buying group, may submit the award and the criteria to receive the award (or the written nomination for the award), for consideration as credit for one letter of recommendation.

      **Please note. When entering the recommender's contact information in the EngineeringCAS portal, be sure to be precise in the email address, and to enter the name of the program and specialization at Texas A&M University you are applying to in the personal message/notes section. All references submitted within this section of your application are program specific. If you choose to remove this program from your application, please understand your letters will be deleted.

      Once you have saved the recommender’s information, an email request will automatically be sent to the recommender on your behalf. Please advise your recommender to look for this email in their inbox, as well as their spam or junk-mail folder.

      Please feel free to refer your recommenders to this article if they require guidance in writing letters of recommendation.
  5. Two Required Statements:

    A Personal Statement and Impact Statement are required with your application. Please keep your required statements to a maximum of 500 words per statement. These statements should explain your motivation behind attending this program and how well you can articulate and communicate your plans. These statements provide us an insight to your writing skills including mechanics, content organization, originality, and developing a statement from the introduction through conclusion.

    Please feel free to use the MID and LinkedIn sites as resources for information as needed. Please upload a single file containing your responses to the "Personal Statement" section of the EngineeringCAS portal.
    1. Personal Statement:
      How will an MID degree influence your current and future professional success?
    2. Impact Statement:
      Discuss a critical problem your organization/industry faces every day. How do you envision the knowledge and experience from the MID program to help you solve this problem? 

If you have any questions related to MID program admissions please contact:

Mark Lorenzo

  • Assistant Director, Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution,
  • Industrial Distribution
Mark Lorenzo